Intentional Living, Endless possibilities

This article tells a little story on living intentionally to engineer new beginnings. Engineering new beginnings is essentially setting goals and following through, a method used in Product Management is called GIST- Goals, Ideas, Steps and Tasks.

Setting goals helps you visualize the path to go through in execution, The ideas are how you execute the goals breaking those goals down into ideas essentially, The steps are ways to execute the ideas at this point you realize its an iterative process and breaking it down in bits helps you focus on one thing over a period of time, The Tasks are the simple things we could execute in the shortest time.

Tasks are the simplest form in which a long term goal is completed. A simple fact is little drops of water make an ocean.Sometimes a shift has to occur for us as human beings to align our selves onto a different path but the whole point of writing this is to help us visualize an internal change that can lead to a new life with endless possibilities, essentially living intentionally.

What are your goals ? And are they G- goals,I- ideas,S- steps,T- tasks ? Engineering new beginnings means recognizing and breaking negative patterns.

What courses do you need to take to get that promotion ? For me few months ago it was Edubridge academy this experience changed the entire trajectory of 2019 for me an important step was goal seeking in this phase of my life.

Last point will be exposing yourself to the right influence, be deliberate about your exposure. What are you engaging? Does it help your development process ? How does it affect you ?

Product Management is a way of life, you are CEO of me Incorporated. Whatever you do with the requirements you have listed out to implement influences the end result of the product or in this case your life.



Product Manager , Technology.

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