1. USSDUnstructured Supplementary Service Data, is the cheapest and most accessible means of making electronic payments available. e.g 737 by Gtbank or 723 by Interswitch.
  2. Cards — examples are Verve, Mastercard, Visa, this is the most adopted means of making the payment today in the world
  3. POS — works with cards for physical locations and now it is being used as a ‘Bank’ for the unbanked.
  4. Instant Transfers — Using Nigeria as a case study, you will find that Nibbss & Interswitch have built a network that enables fast and seamless p2p transfer of funds.
  1. The type of payments you will like to collect
  2. Your settlement bank, where your profit goes to
Quickteller USSD service




Product Manager , Technology.

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Tochukwu Achebe

Tochukwu Achebe

Product Manager , Technology.

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