So what is an API and how can this 10x your business revenue ?

We hear a lot about partnerships in our ecosystem, one Fintech is partnering with the other to provide a new solution and have you ever asked how ? Or maybe why ?

In this article, we…

Stop the killing, Reform the Police.

As a Nigerian living in Nigeria, the last few days have been a roller coaster of emotions and i believe I speak for a good number of youths when I say we are exhausted. …

Intentional Living, Endless possibilities

This article tells a little story on living intentionally to engineer new beginnings. Engineering new beginnings is essentially setting goals and following through, a method used in Product Management is called GIST- Goals, Ideas, Steps and Tasks.

Setting goals helps you visualize the path to go…

our major goal in life should be to create Something (jobs, service, applications etc) to leave a better world than we met it. The world today as we know it was not like this a few years before now.

A few years ago, we had no small devices to call us an uber ride or a little device to reach our loved ones. we basically used post cards and other lucrative means to fund our agendas. Today we live in a better communicating world than yesterday and i would dare say we have an edge to create even more cutting edge research on different aspects to life. The function of our creativity is to bolster the life of those to come and fill these positions we occupy today.

what are you creating ? How are you affecting the next generation to come ?

Tochukwu Achebe

Product Manager , Technology.

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